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– 57% of UK sick days in 2018 were caused by workplace stress, anxiety and depression

– TruBe make meditation accessible to promote positive mental health in the workplace

– Meditation therapy to launch in London on 10th October, to coincide with World Mental Health Day

LONDON, Oct. 8, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Today TruBe, London’s largest network of health and wellness professionals, announced the launch of their new on-demand wellness disciplinary: meditation. The launch of the latest in TruBe’s range of holistic wellbeing services follows a recent study which found that approximately 15.4 million workdays in the UK are lost due to ill health caused by workplace stress, anxiety or depression.

To coincide with World Mental Health Day, TruBe customers can now book a private meditation session with some of London’s most renowned therapists, exclusively available through the TruBe app and online platform.

Last year a study found that 57% of all ‘sick days’ in the UK were caused by workplace stress, anxiety or depression*.

Workplace wellness is essential for employees productivity and meditation is a key therapy which has been proven to reduce levels of stress, depression and anxiety while boosting creativity and focus.

Using TruBe’s interactive platforms, employees can book a meditation session whenever and wherever they want, meaning they can practice wellness at home, during a break from work, or in their local park.

By making meditation so accessible, TruBe aim to reduce workplace stress and improve the wellbeing of workers throughout London.

Daria Kantor, CEO of TruBe commented:

“The number of people claiming burnout at work is rising at an alarming pace. I built TruBe to help Londoners fit their health and wellness practices around their busy schedules – something I believe is a daily essential to offer balance for busy professionals. I speak to so many clients who are suffering from stress induced anxiety and are experiencing burnout at work. Given all we know about the link between exercise and wellness therapies and positive mental health, TruBe are dedicated to find the solution for busy Londoners.”

TruBe is a multi-disciplinary health platform offering fitness services including boxing, personal training, pilates and yoga, as well as wellness therapies such as meditation and massage.

Their trainers are amongst the best practitioners in their individual fields and include athletes, professional dancers and leading sports men and women.

TruBe offers a free consultation to assess your individual goals and with a view to offering bespoke fitness and wellbeing recommendations. Sessions begin at £65, with the option of sharing the experience with up to two friends with no additional cost.

*Study conducted by the Health and Safety Executive.

About TruBe:

Founded in 2015, TruBe is a health and wellness platform hosting London’s largest network of on-demand fitness and wellbeing industry specialists. From personal trainers, yoga, pilates and boxing instructors to massage therapists, TruBe offers personalised health and wellness programmes that adapt to your goals and lifestyle.

Using TruBe’s online platform or app, you find health professionals in your area and book a bespoke session on-demand. TruBe trainers are all subject to a 3-stage vigorous assessment, meaning only the best professionals in the industry are available. You can download the TruBe app from iTunes App Store.



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