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Meditation: Saying ‘thank you’ makes big difference


Dear Hickory and Catawba Good Folks,

I write to you this week to say “thank you.” Thank you for the way you responded to our giving supplies to Lake Charles, LA last week. We sent a trailer full of supplies on Tuesday and we delivered over 7,000 pounds to our brothers and sisters in need, so thank you for your caring and sharing for others. I promise not to make big asks like that all the time but there was a real need and you stepped up and made that happen. Thank you.

I am reminded at times that sometimes the two words we don’t hear or say often enough are the words “thank you.” When my mom and dad raised us kids in the mountains of Western North Carolina, they tried to impress upon my brothers and sister and I the need to be grateful and to use the words “thank you.”

Now I confess that it took me a long time to get the lesson down in my mind and in my words, but I have seen it first hand what a difference it really makes. I am reminded of a story of my great parenting skills when I taught my son Zack how to cut the grass. Zack was about 12 years old and he wanted to make some money and I told him I would pay him $10 to cut the grass. To Zack that sounded like $1 million, and he agreed. I showed him how to care for the mower and put the gas in and how to cut the grass, and left him and went inside the house.

Zack put his head phones on and started cutting, and I felt great about how I had showed him a life lesson. In about 20 minutes I checked on him and I was amazed that Zack was just pushing the mower in any direction and not following the pattern I had showed him. It was a haphazard way of cutting grass. I ran outside and yelled at him and said, “What are you doing?” Zack smiled and said, “Cutting the grass so you will pay me $10.”

I said “Zack, you will never amount to anything in life if you can’t cut the grass in a pattern.” (Not one of my finest moments as a dad) But then in my 12-year-old’s wisdom, he said; “First of all Dad, I don’t think cutting grass for the first time sets my lot in life, and second of all, a simple ‘thank you’ would be appreciated.” I fail every day at so many things in life, but one thing I always try to do is to make sure that I say “thank you” to another human being.

So this week, thank someone for serving you; thank someone for opening a door, thank someone for doing something nice for you. Just say “thank you” because you might never know what those two words could mean to someone. And if you want a take away from this week: 1. Don’t yell at your child for not cutting in a pattern you want when they cut the grass, and 2, say “thank you” at least 10 times a day and mean it when you say it. I thank God we live in this beautiful place called Catawba County and I thank each of you for sharing with others hit by a hurricane in Louisiana. THANK YOU.

Grace and Peace,

Paul Christy


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