Herman: I question the motivation of Washington state media on COVID-19 – MyNorthwest.com

Gov. Jay Inslee. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

The entire Washington state news media complex has refused to question the motives of Jay Inslee during his COVID Theater. Worse, they have refused to provide important context to their users, readers or viewers. That has job has been left to me, Jason Rantz, Dori Monson, and global and conservative media.

Tuesday, on my radio show, I explored more reason why I question the motives of Washington state news media who have, as a block, chosen to not tell their audiences about these facts and much more.

Why hasn’t the Washington state media hammered home the fact that 99% of people are not at any form of serious medical risk from the virus?

Since Colorado lost a lawsuit and we forced to decrease their COVID-19 deaths by 23%, causing their Democrat governor to harshly criticize the CDC, shouldn’t that be of major interest to Washington state media?

The Washington state media ignore the fact that the University of Washington’s model, so touted by Inslee, is a proven failure in predicting deaths in non-lockdown states. Shouldn’t the local media report that the Neil Ferguson model, which got the entire globe locked down, is now proven to be a complete mess?

If that’s too geeky, maybe the Washington state media might like to inform their audiences that, Ferguson — who, again, shutdown the global economy with junk code claiming death rates 300% what he have seen — became infected with COVID-19 and, against his own demands of you, went traipsing about London, wearing no mask, to visit his mistress?

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