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Muffins are convenient on-the-go snacks that all busy people love


  • Muffins are easy to bake and store
  • They make for great, filling snacks between meals
  • They can be sweet and savoury and can be customised as much as you like

Muffins are one of those on-the-go foods that every busy working individual loves. They are convenient and delicious, not to mention incredibly filling. This is why people prefer to bake muffins in huge batches and store them in tins to be consumed for breakfast or as a mid-day snack between meals. Muffins can be prepared in different ways and taste delicious in both their sweet and savoury avatars. You can make the batter as scrumptious and rich or as hefty and healthy as you like. Healthy muffins are more in demand as they are easy snacking options for people who don’t have the time to prepare breakfast every morning.

Even if you are an amateur baker with just a whisk, a bowl, an oven and a baking tray, you can easily bake muffins and use them in the weeks to come. Muffin batter can have as many of your favourite nutritious ingredients as you wish. From nuts to healthy grains, to seeds and to dried fruits, healthy muffins can be created by mixing and matching an entire range of ingredients. What’s more? You won’t have to invest a whole lot of energy in baking a batch either. They can help you tide over your hunger at times when you can’t have a proper breakfast. However, it is not be advisable to use muffins or snacks to replace entire meals.

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1. Date And Pistachio Muffin Recipe

This dates and pistachio muffin is an Indianised version of this western baked food. Flavoured with cardamom and containing the goodness of walnuts and pistachios, this recipe uses ragi flour (millet flour) along with whole wheat flour or gehu ka atta. The recipe is sweetened using khaand or muscovado sugar.

2. Apple Carrot Muffin Recipe

This recipe has the goodness of fibre from two different high-fibre foods – apples and carrots. Both the fruit and the vegetable are low in calories. This recipe has, along with chopped dried fruits and flaxseeds, the complex and satiating fibres of oats – one of the best food grains to use in muffins.

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Healthy Diet: Muffins make for great filling snacks between meals

3. Bran Whole Wheat Muffin Recipe

Baked using wheat bran cereal and whole wheat flour, this muffin recipe uses apple sauce and brown sugar to sweeten the final product. This classic recipe is particularly great for those looking to grab a quick recovery snack after working out in the gym.

4. Pumpkin And Feta Muffin Recipe

If savoury is more to your taste than sweet, then this recipe is sure to please your taste buds. Containing the goodness of pumpkins and spinach, this recipe also has the nutritional power of sunflower seeds. It also contains little bit of feta and parmesan cheese. But if you’re looking to keep your calorie intake, then you may choose to do away with these ingredients.

If you are looking to regulate your sugar and salt intake, then muffins might not be great snacking options for you. In such a case, it would be better to simply go for plain fruits or fruit juices and smoothies as snacks.


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