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As plant-based food takes over grocery store shelves, Beyond Meatballs are the newest innovation from Beyond Meat. These pre-seasoned, pre-rolled, ready to cook plant-based meatballs will change how people enjoy their favorite comfort dishes. Healthy eating is even easier.

From burgers to sausage, Beyond Meat has taken over the grill and the stove. These plant-based food options are no longer just a novelty. After taking those first couple of bites, consumers have gone back time and again.

The key to any of the plant-based foods is to treat them just like the traditional ingredients that home cooks have used forever. Just because it is a plant-based meat doesn’t mean that it cannot absorb flavors and create textures like its traditional counterpart.

With demand growing for these types of food, companies, like Beyond Meat, are looking to give consumers variety. From pork to chicken, the plant-based meat options keep expanding.

According to Stuart Kronauge, Chief Marketing Officer, Beyond Meat, “We’re thrilled to introduce Beyond Meatballs as they deliver on consumers’ growing demand for delicious and nutritious plant-based meat options without GMOs or synthetic ingredients.”

While Beyond Meat has a ground plant-based meat option, many consumers want more convenience and the Beyond Meatballs are that option. By creating pre-seasoned meatballs that are cook and serve, many home cooks are willing to grab one of these packages for spaghetti and meatballs or that meatball sub.

The choice to launch Beyond Meats going into the fall is a smart one for Beyond Meat. During the fall and winter months, people crave comfort food. By giving consumers options, more people will be willing to give the product a try.

For those people who have not been converted to the plant-based food movement, the Beyond Meatballs could be a tasty introduction. First, the meatballs are seasoned. That seasoning is key to enjoy any plant-based meat. Remember, this food needs to be treated like its traditional counterpart.

Second, the meatballs are likely to be paired with a sauce, the sauce’s flavors can be absorbed into the meatballs. Whether it is the favorite family gravy or the preferred jar variety, that sauce will blend with the other seasonings.

Lastly, these meatballs could be the ultimate taste test for the non-believers. When people actually get a taste of the plant-based food, they are more likely to try it again. This offering lends itself to that scenario.

One aspect to remember when cooking with these meatballs. There is an Italian seasoning used in the preparation. While those seasonings can work in a variety of recipes, those flavors need to be considered. For example, you shouldn’t try to use these meatballs in an Asian flavored dish because the seasonings would compete.

The Beyond Meatballs will start appearing in stores starting in early October. A 12-meatball package has a suggested retail price of $6.99. Select grocery stores, like Whole Foods, Kroger, Albertsons and others will offer the product.

Are you ready to transform your favorite comfort foods into a plant-based food recipe? Beyond Meat has created the tasty and convenient option.

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What is your favorite plant-based food recipe? Are you a fan of Beyond Meat?