#16Camps: Flucos motivated to get to next level – CBS19 News

By Preston Willett | 

Posted: Mon 6:46 PM, Aug 12, 2019  | 

Updated: Mon 6:57 PM, Aug 12, 2019

PALMYRA, Va. (CBS19 SPORTS) — A winning season and Fluvanna’s first look at playoff football in nearly two decades is merely a starting point for the Flucos.

“Them being on the edge last year, last year I think we left some things on the table, there was a few games,” Fluvanna County Coach Mike Morris said, “It was a good season, but I think we could have had a better season.”

So year two under Coach Mike Morris is all about taking Fluvanna to the next level after finishing 6-5 with a 16-6 loss to Brookville in the playoffs.

“It’s a different type of motivation and a different type of knowing the task that you’re going to do, you’re going to do it right or you’re going to do it again,” senior offensive tackle Walt Stribling said.

“Putting in more work in the offseason and in-season, definitely we want to be more physical this year than we were last year,” sophomore quarterback Kobe Edmonds said.

The Flucos’ grit in close games defined the team a year ago, with four wins coming within eight points, but now opponents know what to expect when they line up.

“Last year we snuck up on everybody,” Morris said, “So this year I’m interested to see how we’re going to respond to not being the underdog every game.”

“We just got to love the game of football, we got to get physical take it in the trenches and run the ball,” senior running back/linebacker Gabe Stoy said, “I just think we got some guys who like to hit and they enjoy it.”

“We’re going to get down and dirty and we’re going to run the ball down your throat,” Stribling said, “It’s going to be close games, it’s going to be physical ball, but at the end we came out with it and we’re looking to do more of that this year.”

After a close game in their return to the playoffs the Flucos aim is to get back, but this time do something no Fluco team has done since 1985: win.

“We’ll definitely use it as motivation to definitely go farther in the season this year, hopefully finish with a better record,” Edmonds said.

“Motivates us to go even farther and puts more of a chip on our shoulder to show everyone in the district what we can do and take it farther,” Stribling said.